Solo Exhibition – November 2021, Galerie Choiseul, Paris

Anne Morgann’s artistic presence once again asserted itself in November 2021, with a solo exhibition at Galerie Choiseul, in the heart of the prestigious 77, Passage Choiseul in Paris. This exhibition marked a new chapter in her career, continuing to explore the themes dear to the artist: the fusion of plant, mineral and water. The […]

Personal Exhibition – 2019, Galerie Choiseul, Paris

In October 2019, Anne Morgann’s creative élan was once again showcased in a solo exhibition at Galerie Choiseul, located at 77, Passage Choiseul in Paris. The event gave art lovers and collectors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artist’s distinctive universe, where harmonious colors and delicate forms meet to evoke natural beauty and the […]

Exhibition ‘Calligraphie Végétale’ – 2018, Paris

In December 2018, Anne Morgann presented her work in a solo exhibition entitled “Calligraphie végétale” at Galerie l’Embrasser, nestled at 24, rue Saint Louis en l’Île, in the heart of Paris. The exhibition was a celebration of her mastery of pictorial art, with each brushstroke expressing her love of nature and her poetic interpretation of […]

‘SEVES’ exhibition in Kiev – April-May 2017

The year 2017 opened the doors to an international scene for Anne Morgann with a major solo exhibition held in April and May. This retrospective, placed under the patronage of the French Embassy in Ukraine, was a consecration of her talent beyond French borders. The exhibition, entitled “SEVES”, took place at the renowned ART 14 […]