Anne Morgann presents a series of painting where nature evokes pure emotion.

On each canvass the elements communicate.

The vegetal, the mineral and water unite and respect the serenity of the empty space.

Great importance is given to pure lines, to timeless soberness of the innate and artistic essence of nature itself.

The search of simplicity awakens in Anne Morgann a deep creativity of all things living.

Searching for discontinuity in the continuity of a line, she exploits the reserves left on the canvass in order to allow the onlooker to live his own imagination of the reinterpreted nature. She wishes to make the onlooker perceive nature with no further explanation, spouting the imagination or even appease it.

As to escape from the material world, Anne Morgann sets the scenery for an urban vegetation where harmony and tranquility is dominated by the impertinence of life.

The interpretation of an interior dream-state that captures the vegetal soil and the urge to give a taste of eternity to all things ephemeral.